1962 Collection

A midcentury modern classic. Reinvented.

In 1962, groundbreaking design couple Ray and Charles Eames designed tandem sling chairs for the Chicago O’Hare airport. Fast-forward to over fifty years later: Automaton™, a design team, saw the benefits of improving these historical, timeless pieces and acquired a number of these chairs. With imaginative revamping on the brain, they turned a commercial product into a luxury sling worthy of the highest-end homes, studios, hotels, showrooms, offices, and boutiques.

Originally, Ray and Charles Eames constructed the slings to be modular to make efficient “in the field” repairs and configurations. This design choice enabled Automaton™ to strip the original parts, refurbish each component, and remove imperfections from years of wear and tear from airport traffic. Automaton™ then selected 100% Italian leather in shagreen and worn leather. Added hair-on armrests. Picked rich, bold colors. These elements gave the chairs life, personality, and splendor.

Another important element of the recreation was to eliminate the items from negative airport culture—security checks, germy environments, and exhausting waits are not things that should be associated with this collection. History, travel, and extreme comfort should.

That’s why these meticulously designed chairs vastly stabilize posture, with each seat and back panel featuring top-notch compartment cushioning that makes you feel as if you are floating on air.

Iconic and limited edition, it’s the most refined chair for the discriminating collector.

Penthouse 8 at Marina City Club

This exquisite two-story penthouse atop the iconic Marina City Club offers one of the best views in the city of Los Angeles. PH8 features unparalleled panoramic Ocean and Santa Monica Bay views, as well as magnificent Sunset and Cityscape vistas.

PH8 was designed by Dexter Hutchison, featuring furniture from Automaton Vintage Furnishing's collection.


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